Blandford Farm
Grand Rapids, MI

A living example of how many small farms work… a place where you can see (and learn) how food is grown and how it makes it’s way to your plate. Blandford grows over 40 different types of vegetables on their 2.5 acre farm.  

Ann Arbor Seed Co.
Ann Arbor, MI

Starting with a field of vegetables grown for seed, and grown with the health of the soil in mind, this local seed source for gardeners is only two years old! Grown in Washtenaw County, all seed varieties are chosen for flavor, vigor and local appeal, just like your kitchen garden!

Groundswell Farm
Zeeland, MI

This certified organic farm grows over 300 varieties of vegetables, everything from basil to beets, and spinach to turnips. Groundswell prides itself in connecting a farm with people who want to eat the freshest, local produce in season.

Greenwagon Farm
Ada, MI

Real food grown with care. That’s the best way to describe this small, young farm (only 4 years old). They’re passionate about a community that not only eats healthy food, but grows healthy food. To Greenwagon, it’s all about a connection with food.

Full Hollow Farm
Beliding, MI

Full Hollow Farm is a small family farm located in Belding, MI. They grow a wide variety of vegetables and an ever expanding selection of fruit. They use earth-friendly, sustainable growing practices, and encourage biodiversity while we work towards our Organic Certification.

Crisp Country Acre
Holland, MI

Their farm on 120th Ave in Holland has been in the family for over 150 years! The area where the farm is located used to be called Crisp, which is how the name Crisp Country Acres came about. They raise a wide variety of produce on 70 acres and have greenhouses to help extend the seasons.

Urban Mushroom
Comstock Park, MI

Producing organic, locally grown, gourmet mushrooms. Such as golden and grey oyster, Maitake and an heirloom tropical Shitake and sometimes lions mane.

Victory Farms
Hudsonville, MI

While Roger Victory was still in high school, he decided he wanted to be a farmer. Now 20 years later, Roger owns and operates 800 acres of farmland and grows a wide variety of root vegetables in Hudsonville, Mich. Victory Farms was founded by Roger after he graduated from college in 1988 with a degree in logistics. Roger's love of the land and his dedication to customer service led him down the path to farming the best produce possible.

Michigan Bee Co
Kent City, MI

Since 1922 Michigan Bee Co. has endeavored to provide honey in its most virtuous form. Each season, the bees meander the rural areas of West Michigan sampling wildflowers such as Purple Cone Flower, Golden Rod and Clover to create this natural sweet treat. Their honey is harvested with minimal heating and no filtering to ensure the antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals remain whole.

Real Food Farm
Caledonia, MI

This local farm is devoted to providing good food to the surrounding area. When the growing season ends, Real Food Farm doesn't stop! Greenhouses with hydroponic systems keep things growing year-round. Harvesting tomatoes in April? You can count on it!

Mud Lake Farm
Hudsonville, MI

With four biomass-heated hydroponic greenhouses, sustainability is a firm belief. A good thing for the 50+ varieties of lettuce that the farm grows throughout the year. Plus, you can’t get any fresher, all their product is delivered within 24 hours of their harvest.

Fat Blossom Farm
Allegan, MI

This mighty little farm sits on just 47 acres in the rolling hills of Allegan, Michigan. At Fat Blossom, you'll find 100% organic vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs, many of which are considered unusual heirloom varieties.

Hilhof Farm Dairy
Hersey, MI

This organic farm features 100% Grass fed cattle and creamline organic milk. They have a variety other organic products as well. 

Rakowski Family Farm
Wayland, MI

A local family farm that raises a variety of meats, eggs, and veggies..

Mycopia Mushrooms
Scottville, MI

Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. was the first commercial grower of shiitake mushrooms in the Western Hemisphere. Between fresh mushrooms and nutraceutical biomass, they grow more varieties of mushrooms than any other farm in the U.S.

Heidi's Farm
Lowell, MI

Heidi's Farmstand is a family operation established in 2006.  The Blough family has been here since 1949 when Grandpa Noah bought the farm on Cascade Road. Over the past 60 years, the family has raised cattle, run a dairy operation, raised corn, soybeans, wheat. The farmstand is providing the next generation with a way to expand the farm and bring the farm closer to the community. Heidi's is a partnership between three cousins. The goal of Heidi's farmstand is to bring fresh, home grown and local food to the community.

New City Urban Farm
Grand Rapids, MI

New City Urban Farm is a 2 acre farm in the Creston neighborhood of Grand Rapids. The farm uses the best biological practices available to grow a wide spectrum of vegetables. They amend our soil annually with rich compost and we never use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or GMO seeds to ensure our food is delicious and healthy.